Goldbach Trading - WITHOUT Discord access

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This book tells you everything you wanted to know about Goldbach trading and power of three dealing ranges.

We're delving into following main topics:
- dealing ranges using power of three
- pip perfect Goldbach Price levels
- a simple to use system on how to define the 20-40-60 look back including 12 examples for the year 2022 and 2023.
- AMD cycles
- Goldbach Time levels that help you to determine the daily bias and Swing points.

Last but not least, we'll use the Goldbach levels to define the 2 Goldbach algorithms used to deliver price, one of which is the market maker model.
Algo 1: Market Maker buy/sell Model (MMxM)
Algo 2: A trending model.

It also contain trading plans with a step by step process, to facilitate your trading style.

disclaimer: by no means we claim to have solved enigma, imp, the market mechanisms,, or any other buzzword. This book is not related to ict teachings, although we use some ict terminology.

This book is also no trading advice, nor a signal service.
I also do not offer 1 on 1's currently.

After reading the book, you will also need to work to apply the concepts, there's no spoon feeding here, but it will let you understand what to look for. Every day is a different day, the trading system is designed this way.

Should you need a helping hand, you can subscribe to the friends of hopi discord server.

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Last updated Dec 14, 2023

Everything you wanted to know about Goldbach levels inside Power of Three dealing ranges, right at your fingertips

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Goldbach Trading - WITHOUT Discord access

12 ratings
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